ClearWater Tech, LLC
is a leading designer and manufacturer of ozone generation equipment for commercial laundries, swimming pools, spas, water features and a wide range of other water and air purification applications and markets. 

ClearWater Tech has earned its industry leading reputation through technical distinction in ozone generation applications for nearly 30 years. The company markets globally and has over 200,000 installations on six continents. more...

ClearWater Tech’s EcoTex Laundry Systems for commercial laundries are PROVEN ozone technology that reduce utilities while providing superior disinfection in cold water. Savings in operational costs in commercial laundries exceed 50% in most applications.

Ozone is the secret to creating The Ultimate Swimming Pool Water. It is the most natural and effective way to purify water. Ozone reduces bacteria, viruses, and other water-borne contaminants up to 3,100 times faster than chlorine without harsh chemicals. Ozone pool water purification is environmentally friendly, leaving no harmful chemical by-products in the water.

ClearWater Tech sells its products through a professional distributor and dealer network that provides product support in the U.S. and internationally. These partners are backed by ClearWater Tech’s customer and technical service people and are educated through product and technology training. ClearWater Tech is an Ozone Industry Leader that you can trust with your important water purification needs.


ClearWater Tech, LLC
850 Capitolio Way, San Luis Obispo CA, USA
800-262-0203 | 805-549-9724

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